The story of "Shanti Luna"

Shanti Luna © 2019 by Jenny Hahn
Shanti Luna, © 2019 by Jenny Hahn


I just completed a very special painting that warms my heart just to look at it. Lately I’ve been enthralled with painting goddess-type figures who demonstrate embracing their truth, grounding in peace and radiating their power from the inside out. Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace or bliss. Luna, in several languages, refers to the moon. 

The radiance and mystery of the moon has always intrigued me. And beyond that, I am mystified by the inner radiance that lives as potential in every person, awaiting activation. This piece is a reminder of the light and power available in our own bodies and souls when we tune in deeply.

The painting originally began over a year ago as a small moon at the very top with a tree that came in below it. But over time it morphed into a huge full moon with a figure, and eventually the tree came back. About midway through the painting, I created a small collaged b&w sketch of how I thought the image might proceed. (image on left)

Watch the entire evolution of the painting in the time-lapse video below:

For me, art-making is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. That means I’m not afraid to make big changes midway through a piece (as you can see from the video here. This allows the painting tell me what it wants to be. It’s a slow revealing process… a discovery. This is a skillful approach for me, as my perfectionistic inner critic would otherwise prevent me from even beginning. I find that it’s important for one’s attitude of curiosity to always remain one step ahead of the critical mind that can easily sabotage creative discovery. A painter does not need to know the final image when they begin…They only need to know the next brushstroke in each moment. The same can be said of our individual lives: We are each a work of art, dynamically unfolding, growing and defining ourselves, moment to moment. I trust that something bigger than me is moving through my life, providing dynamic guidance in each moment. I don’t have to control it or know the end result… I simply tune in, listen and allow what wants to be, to be. I trust the process.

Bring some illuminated peace into your space, or gift a friend who is needing this grounding, inspirational presence in their lives right now.

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